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What is SurgiShop

SurgiShop specializes in selling and sourcing high-end surgical disposables to many of the hospitals and surgical facilities across the U.S. As a third-party vendor, our goal is to consistently provide our clientele with the best quality service and products at competitive pricing. We invite those who can uphold this level of excellence to join our team and continue to provide health systems across the nation SurgiShop’s best.

Why Work at SurgiShop

SurgiShop provides opportunities in sales, accounting, logistics and more! SurgiShop is happy to be an equal opportunity employer that believes in providing a professional work environment, thorough benefits, and the most competitive compensation in the industry! Whatever your interests may be, SurgiShop can be your first step towards a promising future.

Why We Do What We Do

SurgiShop’s foundation is built upon progressive policies that safeguard our community, organization, and clients with the assurance of receiving quality service and products at a discounted rate. We take great pride in our work as environmentally conscious distributor’s/reseller’s of manufacturer “PMDs” (Prescription Medical Devices) of which are used in facilities performing state of the art surgeries all across the global PMD market!

Why Join Our Community

SurgiShop believes in supporting and enriching its employees with an organizational space that continues to develop and advance each team member’s professional goals and career!

Furthermore, SurgiShop’s Board identifies and encompasses the belief that one of the most important factors to a successful and scaling company is its employees — taking note of their diligence & dedication, praising their contributions, and cherishing the success of our growing community!


SurgiShop strives to provide top-tier health and supplemental insurance benefits for our organization and family. Furthermore, our employees are stipend with specific benefits to maximize the return/effects of an affordable community plan!

In addition to our insurance benefits, SurgiShop is proud to collaborate with certified quality Financial Advisors; whom will work alongside each interested employee to assure a tailored approach to the financial needs and desires for a long and prosperous career!

Other benefits/perks of working at SugiShop.

Happily located in Tampa, FL.

Current office is surrounded by plenty of food options and grocery stores for different lunch-time options

A+ Accredit from the BBB!

A year and a half with a maintained A+ BBB accredit. SurgiShop takes care of their employees just as much as they do their customers.

We look forward to hearing from you!