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SurgiShop Success Stories 04/29/2022

Kai Koury

“I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to work at Surgishop and more importantly,
I could not be more thankful to have met the people that make the company what it is.”

“I started working at SurgiShop in the Summer of 2021. My time with the company started off working primarily in data analytics that focused on general overview as well as assisting other departments with whatever help they needed.

I was warmly welcomed by all of the board members, as well as all other members of the SurgiShop team. I am very thankful to SurgiShop for their excellent communication systems that allowed me to assess any issues in my workload that required attention, further explanation, as well as dialogue that complimented my work and showed appreciation of my time with the company.

As my contract was coming to an end, I was worried that SurgiShop would not be able to accommodate for my final semester’s class schedule; however, once the school year started, SurgiShop was flexible with my hours and allowed me to remain a part of the team working with a focus on inventory management and upkeep.

Working at Surgishop showed me how employees should be treated. How each individual has their own set of skills that can apply to many different projects. Communication skills, project management and time management, as well as how different projects can be interdepartmental and with more hands on deck, anything can be done. SurgiShop has reinforced in me that if there is a willingness to learn and maintain patience as well as professionalism, there will be opportunities to succeed.

I strongly believe that because of Surgishop’s excellent communication system, flexibility, and patience in training new hires, that I fully understand ideal work ethics. I thank SurgiShop for showing me what an ideal employer should be as well as what an ideal employee has potential to be. This coming fall I have accepted enrollment at the University of Central Florida. I 100% believe that all of the ideals SurgiShop imbues helped mold my work ethic, both on and off the job, and I would like to think that I earned my Full Scholarship to the University of Central Florida because of what SurgiShop was able to teach me.

My time with Surgishop as a paid intern has left me with nothing but the best workplace experiences. Employment in a professional environment is an opportunity few have in the beginning phases of any individual’s professional careers. The flexibility and professional understanding SurgiShop applies in their work model is one of the many reasons I would not want to work for any other company. When something comes up, SurgiShop works with you in a fair and understanding manner; they understand that issues come up and are willing to work around those issues. (Something that can’t be said about some other companies.) I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to work at Surgishop and more importantly, I could not be more thankful to have met the people that make the company what it is.”

– Kai Koury Summer 2021- Summer 2022

A message from SurgiShop

SurgiShop congratulates Kai Koury on his successful high school graduation as well as his acceptance in to the University of Central Florida with a full scholarship towards his major in Industrial Engineering. Kai has been a key member of our team with proficiency in data analysis as well as keeping all documents triple checked and filed/upkept with the utmost attention to detail.