Benefits of Using Third-Party Vendors in Healthcare

Surgical Setting

Using a third-party vendor can be a great way to improve your cost-savings goals on surgical disposables. The primary benefit of the relationship is the potential cost savings on the 3-4% of purchases that many facilities must make off-contract for physician preference.

Besides the direct decrease in costs, third-party vendors enable you to provide your customers with an overall seamless experience. As healthcare facilities are continuously looking to cut on expenses and improve sustainability, it is increasingly important to rely on third-party vendors to contribute to the successful accomplishment of such goals. Let’s look at the benefits of sourcing your OR supplies from a third-party vendor.

1.     Potential Cost Savings on Surgical Disposables

Hospitals can rely on third-party Vendors to help them in achieving cost reduction goals. Although a facilities main aim is always to stay as contract compliant as possible, there are situations where they are forced to buy an item off-contract. Scenarios that come up often are physician preference items (PPIs), and an OEM backorder that forces purchasers to look at comparable products from a competing manufacturer that are not on-contract. Situations like the above are where third-party vendors make significant impacts on bottom lines and help facilities maintain optimal levels of patient care.

Third-party vendors can help your healthcare organizations to procure surgical disposables from reputable brands including Ethicon and Covidien at a fraction of the cost.

2.   Sustainability

The obligation to offer quality care and control environmental footprints lies on everyone. Third-party suppliers act like allies to bring solutions to healthcare organizations to achieve true benefits in both areas.  In healthcare, sustainability entails meeting both fiscal and environmental goals.  While working together with third-party vendors, it is possible to reach those goals and ultimately keep patients and the environment healthy.

Third-party vendors deliver holistic value by supplying a wide array of long-dated high-end surgical disposables. In addition, they help to reduce waste in the environment by purchasing excess inventory from facilities. Most companies, including SurgiShop, focus on supplying current and next-generation devices that will allow hospitals to usher in a new era of sustainability.

Luckily, a third-party salesperson can help facilities analyze how they can eliminate waste without sacrificing quality.  For example, SurgiShop operates in a specific niche; -prescription medical devices (PMDs), to offer OEM devices that boost efficiency in healthcare organizations and translates to not only lower costs but waste and excess elimination.

3. Smaller Business, Better Customer Service

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have strict company policies and corporate cultures that make them less flexible. However, third-party vendors offer a flexible and individualized service.  Moreover, business executives of third-party distributors personally interact with the facility-buyers and can easily make instant decisions and changes to meet customer requests.

Third-party medical suppliers concentrate on the fulfillment process. Whether it is their products, customer care, or post-sale service, these can translate to an exceptional purchasing and customer experience. Being brand-neutral provides buyers with a great deal of convenience and access to a wide array of high-quality products covering a variety of specialties.

Summing Up

Optimization of the supply chain through third-party vendors should be a core element in every healthcare facility’s business strategy, especially with the industry continuing to transition towards value-based care. Third-party vendors present unprecedented opportunities for organizations to meet the demands of the healthcare reform. It is a means to decrease operational costs and increase environmental sustainability; a direction that both vendors and facilities are obliged to follow.

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